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Welcome to the world of Fortune Telling Cards!
The world's largest collection of Fortune Telling Cards

Here we just started to give you an impression about our collection of Fortune Telling cards.
For some decades we are collecting antique and rare Fortune Telling Cards.

Now we proudly can show you our collection online.
Nearly 900 fortune card games are in our collection.
We will show you all 600 different Single games, we are owning.
All together we have more then 30.000 cards in our collection
This is nearly 3 Kilometers, if you lie them down, side by side.

We just start to work in October 2013 on the world´s largest collection of Fortune Telling Cards.
So please be patient, in the next weeks you will find the first results.

At the moments are only 20 decks in the Museum.
2 Chiromancy and Palmistry decks, 2 Fortune Telling Card Decks,
6 Kipper Card Decks, 6 Lenormand Card Decks and 4 Sibilla and Gypsy card Decks.

To get a first impression about our work, please take a look at our Lenormand Muesum, where you find the largest collection of Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards.
If you like to visit our Online Lenormand Museum, please visit it here >>> Lenormand Museum >> and enjoy those antique Lenormand cards from the last two hundres years.

Here the list of the titles of all Fortune Telling cards in the Museum in alphabetical order.

Chiromancy and Palmistry Cards:
Le chiromancien de Madame Indira (1985), Nouveu Jeu De La Main (1880), to the Museum

Fortune Telling Cards:
Antique Fortune Telling Cards (1870), Fortune Telling Cards, title unknown (1840), to the Museum

Kipper Cards:
Kipper Cards, Kipper Wahrsagekarten (1932), Kipper Cards, Mrs. Kipper famous Fortune Telling Card (1960), Leiding Cards (1991), Mystical Kipper, Mystisches Kipper (2007), Original Kipper Fortune Telling Cards, Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten (2000), Salish Kipper Cards (1998), to the Museum

Lenormand Cards:
Antique French Lenormand deck (1845), Consultar el Porvenir Numeros de la Lotteria (1910), Gypsy Lenormand (1994), Lenormand Cards Altenburger Germany, Playing Card symbols (2003), Mystical Lenormand Mystisches Lenormand (2004), Wuest Lenormand Deck (1920), to the Museum

Sibilla and Gypsy Cards:
Antique Austrian Sibilla Cards (1860), Antique Piatnik Gypsy Cards (1880), Sibille, the fortune telling gypsy mother (1870), Sibylle des Salons (1890), to the Museum

On this website we also have free online cartomancy reading tools available, with which you can work with some of the antique fortune telling cards.

We also created many free online oracles, like the yes or no oracle, daily horoscope and monthly horoscope for free.